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Aurora Elwell is an Australian artist making work on Yuggera Ugarapul lands/ Lockyer Valley, Queensland. Working with clay as her medium, Aurora creates sculptural vessels inspired by her own self-perception and emotions. She draws inspiration from traditional pottery shapes and extends on the notion of the ceramic vessel as representation of the human vessel. 


For Elwell, the making process is key to understanding her emotions. She uses her time on the wheel as meditation, immersed in her emotions and contemplating ideas of self-identity whilst creating. The resulting vessels that emerge act as physical manifestations of her thoughts at the time of making, existing as psychologically a part of yet physically separate from her. Elwell further explores the emotions expressed within her vessels by altering their surfaces, adhering repetitive sculptural adaptations, such as spikes, thorns and horn-like ‘growths.’ 


Elwell’s current & ongoing body of work, The Body Vessel,  is an investigation into self-observed aspects of her own personality, with works exploring self-consciousness, ego, strength, depression and double standards. 

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